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The Om Symbol is a popular icon for yoga practitioners.  In Yogic tradition, many yoga teachers begin and end their classes by chanting Om in order to create harmony and unity between the students and teacher. Many believe that chanting Om in class or in private meditation aligns their own vibration with the sacred vibration of the universe, which provides a peaceful, calming effect and puts the practitioner in an excellent frame of mind for yoga posing.

The Om symbol is also used in meditation as a symbolic representation of the four states of consciousness. The long lower curve represents the first state of consciousness, known as Vaishvanara, which is the waking state focused on the material world. The curve that emanates from the center represents the second state of consciousness, or Taijasa, which is the dreaming state focused inward on the mind. The upper curve represents the third state of consciousness, or Prajna, which is the dreamless state revealed by deep meditation. The crescent stands for the veil of material illusion that seekers must pass before achieving the fourth and final state, represented by the dot in the upper right. This is Turiya, the transcendental self, and the ultimate goal of Hindu meditation.

In the Hindu religion Om is considered a sacred sound.  According to yogic tradition, once you are able to achieve true silence within yourself, you can hear, experience and even participate in these universal vibrations. This is why Om is also considered to be the sound of silence, the silence within yourself that allows you to tune out your thoughts and listen to the world within and around you. 

Thickness: Standard
Style: Casual
Material: Polyester, Spandex, Cotton

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